Instagram marketing and its benefits

 Vanessa B  11/Oct/15  no responses.

Instagram has over 300 million users and a large proportion of these are young adults. From a marketing perspective it enables you to really reach out to consumers who use the site. As a platform, it provides an opportunity to give your brand a personality and presence, which is why it has a number of benefits when it comes to marketing.

  1. The visual impact that Instagram offers cannot be ignored. It is the perfect platform from which you can show off your products. Make your customers think differently through portraying your products in a number of different ways.
  1. Instagram has grown extremely quickly in the last year, in fact it has the fastest growth of any other social site, proving that its popularity should not be ignored!
  1. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means that it can make excellent use of demographic data to ensure that the right content is directed at the right people.
  1. Instagram is now seen as the main way of engaging with users when it comes to branded content in the world of social media. Branded content on Instagram created a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which is higher than that of Facebook or twitter. Therefore, interaction with customers is improved and relationships can be created.
  1. There is every possibility that your customers are already discussing you and your business on Instagram, especially if they have visited you in person. An example of this is hotels, bars and even restaurants where customers Instagram photos of their rooms and meals they have eaten along with comments and feedback which could be valuable. The simplest way to find out whether you have been posted about on Instagram is to post a picture yourself and tag the location of it. Once it is submitted and live you will be given a link that will allow you to see every other picture that was taken in the same location.
  1. Instagram enable users to link in their content with other social media platforms. This is a feature that you have to enable through the settings but it will mean that you can share to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. This will make your post more powerful and will reach a wider audience. Also, make sure that the content you post is relevant. The marketing capabilities of Instagram are huge but you have to get it right in order to make your brand feel real which in turn makes it personal to those who follow you. If you create images that are replicas of the kind of adverts you would see on advertisement boards then members of the public cannot relate to it. Instead help them build a picture and visualise your image in their world. The whole aim of this is to keep it real and authentic because that will allow you to really maximise the potential of Instagram.

On the whole Instagram is massive when it comes to marketing and it has huge benefits that can really give your brand an image whilst connecting with people.

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