How to understand and fix content marketing problems

 Vanessa B  04/Jan/16  no responses.

Ensuring that your content marketing looks as good as possible is extremely important, yet many people make mistakes, most of which are totally unavoidable. What are the most common problems and how do you fix them?

Having a strategy will help you to steer your content marketing in the right direction. You have to understand who you are creating the content for and what you would like them to get from it. If you do not asses this from the outset, then you will have problems. Firstly, think about your customers: who are they and why are they reading your content in the first place? You have to realise where your brand is positioned as a result of this content. Once you have worked this out, then you can make subtle changes to your content as are necessary to see increased awareness, leads and sales.

Social media moves at a fast pace and fighting to respond as quickly as possible to posts can cause issues if you don’t stop to think about your response properly. You need to seriously consider how the content will be interpreted and how those viewing it can and will engage with it; because if you get it horribly wrong it can stick with you for a very long time.

Content marketing is not about you. It is all about your audience and those you are trying to connect with. This means that your content has to be relevant, which in turn means that you do not have to be in line with the current trends but that you fully understand what ‘your’ target audience is interested in. To understand this, use analytics to find out what they are looking at on your site, but also to find out what is being shared. Find out what successful content your competitors have been creating as this can help you understand the needs of your customers and by making sure you are authentic is crucial because this is what they expect.

There is no issue with you stamping your company name and logo on all of the content that you create but this is not the way it should be done. Some of the most effective content comes lightly branded and in some instance even non-branded and totally generic. Research shows that many people are now conditioned to ignore anything that remotely resembles an advert so if your audience are not responding in any way then there is a possibility that you could be over-branding. To solve this issue try delivering content that is relevant and useful, whilst ensuring that you give branding more of a background role.

It is quite surprising to find that many people still believe content marketing should include many keywords but this is not the case because a content strategy that can stand the test of time has to have the right content because the aim is to make it easy for people to find you and then keep them there. Thought leadership articles and key opinions should not be underestimated because this can really make your value stand out to your audience.

If you are creating content that you plan to use to target every channel, every day, then you are going to find It difficult because if you are trying to put your content out there, to everyone, you will not be marketing yourself effectively. To deal with this problem create excellent pieces of content and then turn them into other formats and this can be done by sharing key points through social media, creating podcasts and extracting quotes to create ‘quiet’ graphics.