5 innovative ideas for Facebook lead generation

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If you’ve been attempting to catch attention for your  business on Facebook but not making any headway, read our piece on Facebook lead generation, below.

You may feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle; you may be wondering why, when your fans have expressed an interest by liking your page that your posts appear to have little impact. This hasn’t been helped by Facebook increasingly restricting the posts that are (or rather are not) seen by your fans, despite you having worked so hard to win them over.

Facebook can feel an imposing medium to grasp – and whilst it’s true that this platform boasts of more users than any other social media network, it’s also equally as true that it’s a network that requires a little innovative thinking. Here we take a look at the ways in which you can secure leads from Facebook, despite the roadblocks in your way.

1. Create an irresistible landing page content offer

There are two elements to this idea: first – a content offer that will grab your target market’s attention (and their email address) and second – a landing page – which will help to turn slight interest, into someone who is ready to input their email and download your content.

A landing page is a single web page designed for nurturing one action from the visitor. In this case, it would be for them to leave their email in return for your content offer. This piece of content could be an eBook, video or other digital asset. The only question is what your content should be. In short, it should directly solve some of your customers’ pain points through valuable guidance. Wholesalers may create a guide to boosting business for the average retailer; a manufacturer may make a video that demonstrates how their product can be displayed to capture footfall at an exhibition.

This tactic is perfect for gathering emails, building trust and demonstrating your knowledge as an expert in your field. Just don’t forget to create a post including clear wording, such as “Download your eBook” and include a compelling, eye catching image.


Five innovative ideas for Facebook lead generation


2. Invest (some time and effort) in video

Social media users love visuals – and going beyond mere images, video can be incredibly powerful. Given that Facebook feeds now also automatically play videos on silent, you don’t even have to tempt the user into clicking on the play button.

The question as to what video content you should create will, again, depend on your audience. Whilst the same advice as to providing value to your readers applies, you could also consider creating videos that cover industry news, views, quick tips and your own business news. If you’re looking for quick hit lead generation, then your content will of course need to be focused around this – and should ideally lead from the video, to your website, product or landing page by way of a link.

Videos needn’t cost the earth either, simply plan what you’re going to cover, choose a professional place to shoot from (ideally featuring your business in a great light) and grab your smartphone. There are plenty of free, easy to use, video editors out there (such as Windows Movie Maker).

3. Video (again) – but this time, in real time

If you’re soon to be visiting an event or exhibition (or, better still, having a stand) then you may want to consider Facebook Live. This is video, only live streamed in real time. This can help you interact with live leads on Facebook there and then, as well as drawing invaluable footfall actually at the event over to your stand. An idea for this could include an industry guest speaker for a Q & A (which can help attract delegate attention, if they’re just passing by your stall).


4. Create a captivating profile cover image and use your Facebook CTA button wisely

Your Facebook cover provides an opportunity to display your company USP, or current offer, brightly and boldly. Coupled with the Facebook button CTA (pointed out with the red arrow below) and it should help you gain some leads from the moment a user lands on your page. Options for your Facebook CTA button include: ‘Shop Now’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Use App’, ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Watch Video’ – the latter of which may well be ideal for the videos that you’re yet to create.
Five innovative ideas for Facebook lead generation


5. Run a contest or giveaway

FREE. It’s a word that everybody loves, no matter the industry. What your ‘prize’ may be will, of course, differ as according to your business. All this requires is a well-worded post (with an eye-catching image) and a link to your contest’s landing page. Entrants can then leave their email to be in with a chance of winning. Then, with the competition over, you can use the collected emails for email marketing.

Essential tip

Before you get started on your contest you may want to read through Facebook’s rules on contests.


Five innovative ideas for Facebook lead generation

These innovative ideas have hopefully provided you with a little inspiration – and if you need tailored, one-to-one guidance, PressPoint Countryside & Equestrian is here to help. Tel: 01953 851513. Email: mail@presspoint.co.uk


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