Time is never on your side, or anyone else’s

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According to Parkinson’s Law, “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.


We believe that we have now created PressPoint’s law, “time contracts in preparing materials for BETA, so as to endanger completion”.


By the time that you read this month’s column, BETA will have come and gone, and hopefully we’ll all be reflecting on the success of another year’s show. The memories of the frantic preparations will have faded, and all being well, it will have proved to be a truly worthwhile investment of everyone’s time and money.


PressPoint is a marketing and PR agency, so we should be especially agile in organising an exhibition: getting a show theme agreed, getting materials designed and getting the stand graphics, print collateral and other associated paraphernalia produced.


However, just like all other businesses, exhibiting at BETA this year, we have our day-to-day business to run; servicing the needs of our clients. Providing cost-effective and creative solutions to the marketing problems they bring to our door.

It would be disingenuous of us to tell you that as a highly-skilled, full-service marketing agency everything in our preparations went according to the timing plan. It didn’t –  the time was swallowed so quickly and as a result, too many things felt too last-minute, hence PressPoint’s new law of time.


Never mind cash, assets or your best people; nor even gold, diamonds or Bitcoin, the most precious resource in a business is time. And almost all businesses are time poor.


To address this, we are all seeking the next efficiency, usually attempting a reduction in the time required to complete a task or process. Many businesses see the digital revolution as the go-to route for highlighting and creating these business efficiencies. An organisation’s digital strategy should be focused on improving the supply chain, reducing the time to market, improving visibility across the business and ultimately increasing revenue.


As we move deeper and deeper into the digital world, the effect on an organisation’s marketing output has become profound. For larger companies, the marketing team has had to expand; roles have been created for social media specialists, insight specialists, data specialists, e-commerce specialists, all of whom need guiding and managing. All of whom need to be pulling in the same direction to deliver the overall marketing strategy in a coherent and seamless fashion.


For smaller businesses, the same problems exist, new employees will need to be brought in, trained and tasked with all of these responsibilities and then managed. For the smallest businesses, this means more work for everyone.


For anyone involved in marketing, sometimes it feels that the digital revolution is creating as many problems as it solves; its very nature means that there is seemingly endless amounts of data and analytics to get through and understand. Social media is a hungry beast which needs to be fed with creative and engaging content. Websites now have a shelf-life of as little as two to three years. And just around the corner, there will be new technology and further innovation which will need to be harnessed and exploited


This is where marketing agencies like PressPoint can be so useful, not only can they provide the extra resources to ease the burden, but they are able to cast a dispassionate eye over the issues you face and provide you with counsel on how best to address those problems. All marketing agencies are at their heart, solutions providers; creative solutions, strategic solutions, digital solutions. Find a good one and their solutions should relieve a lot of the pressure that you face, be that time pressure or otherwise.


‘A view from PressPoint’ isn’t usually intended to act as a pitch, or to act as an advertisement for PressPoint, leading you to beat a path to our door. More or less, we use ‘A view from PressPoint’ to discuss a relevant topic and hopefully provide a little food for your thoughts.  However, BETA focuses all of our minds on generating new leads for the year ahead, so for one month only, we thought we’d try and solve the agency world’s perennial problem of generating new clients, through our column.


After all, we’re in the business of solving your problems and as we’ve outlined, your time is both precious and diminishing, unsolved problems can soon become more serious issues. Maybe it’s sounds too glib or clichéd, but sharing a problem can often be the best way to get it solved.


And since BETA 2019 won’t come around until next January, from now until the New Year, we should be OK to help you out with any problems you might have. Do get in touch…



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